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Kinwong Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty

Under the sunshine in the bright spring days, when you are strolling in the garden-style plant area and are laughing heartily, do you ever know the following situations? Some people are struggling in pain, while some families are bursting into tears in despair; when we are running and playing on the playground, they can only cry silently on the sick bed; when we are happily working in the spacious and bright workshop, they are busy running about for raising huge medical expenses. Because their families or they are suffered from serious injuries or critical diseases, some employees feel lonely and helpless, and even despairing for raising money. Whenever such circumstances occur, Kinwong people never look on indifferently without taking any action. We never forget the mission of Kinwong people: fully fulfilling economic, political and social responsibilities. We transform deep care and blessing into real actions.

In accordance with the Measures for Charity Aid in Shenzhen, the Articles of Association of the Shenzhen Branch of the Red Cross Society of China and other laws and regulations, Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic Co., Ltd. set up the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty in 2009, and established the institution and the articles of association. The Center has established very rigorous mechanisms, including the mechanisms on leadership, management, approval, finance and sympathy-expressing. Each batch of aids shall be discussed by the Committee of the Center, be publicized to all trade union members, and be allocated after publicity. The Articles of Association stipulate that the Center is a mass organization under the leadership of the Trade Union of the Company.

The relief granted by the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty to an employee in special difficulty refers to a supplementary relief measure for an employee when he/she encounters  unexpected accidents or critical diseases or extreme family difficulty,  in which the Trade Union gives economic aid to the employee in accordance with these Articles of Association if he/she is still in special difficulty after he/she has made insurance claims or has received the relevant treatment and subsidies according to national regulations. In the first phase, the head office invested RMB 200,000 as the initial fund; the voluntary contributions from union members and some external donations constitute the source of the fund. According to the requirements of the Articles of Association, the relief fund shall be maintained at a basically stable amount, which shall be counted once a year and be used for its specified purpose only. If the amount is insufficient, the head office shall make up for it. Once a year, the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty shall report in writing the situation on the use of the fund at the important meeting of the Company, so as to accept the supervision of all employees.

Since the inception of the Company, the Company never stops charity activities. Over the past few years, we have actively carried out aid work. After the establishment of the mechanism for helping employees in difficulty, the Company's charitable operations are more standardized, which can more effectively help employees in difficulty to eliminate the crisis and anxiety. We hope to illustrate our ideas and actions via some examples as follows:

Example I, Mr. Yang from the Production Department of Kinwong in Longchuan County

In the May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake, all the buildings of Mr. Yang's family collapsed, and his family property was completely destroyed. Before the Spring Festival, on his way for catching the train to return to his hometown in Sichuan, he unfortunately encountered a car accident, causing the serious consequence of his high paraplegia. He was the economic pillar of his family. His parents were old and disabled, while his daughter was young and needed to be cared. This accident was undoubtedly a fatal blow for his family. It was just because the employee of the Company encountered such a major misfortune that the Management Committee of the Company determined to set up the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty and hoped  to give more care and help to Kinwong people. After discussion, the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty gave Mr. Yang the relief money of RMB 100,000 to help his family and him to temporarily overcome the difficulty.

Example II, Ms. Tan, an employee of the workshop of Shenzhen FPC Division

On July 31, the family member of Ms. Tan went to the birthday banquet of a relative. On their way back home, a serious traffic accident happened, causing injuries and deaths of the family member of Ms. Tan, including that: her son was suffered from minor injuries on the head; the right arm of her elder brother was seriously fractured; the right arm of her niece was fractured; the right leg of her nephew was fractured; her mother-in-law was suffered from severe intracranial hemorrhage; and her elder brother's wife was dead due to the brain trauma. After the accident happened, the injured relatives of Ms. Tan were sent to the hospital for medical treatment. During the treatment process,  more than RMB 60,000 were spent for medical treatment, including more than RMB 30,000 compensated by the owner of the car which caused the accident, RMB 17,000 donated by the Christian Church of the place where Ms. Tan resided in, and the remaining money from the long years' savings of the victims' family. Because the owner of the car which caused the accident no longer had the ability to make compensations and the victims' family was unable to continue to pay medical bills, her mother-in-law had to suspend treatment because of medical costs and was paralyzed in bed due to aggravated injuries. Most of her other family members were injured and were unable to work. Only Ms. Tan was the only source of the family’s income. After confirmation, the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty gave Ms. Tan the relief money of RMB 18,000.

Example III, Ms. Feng, an employee of Kinwong in Longchuan County

Ms. Feng and her husband were employees of Kinwong in Longchuan County. Her parents-in-law were farmers and looked after their two-year old grand-daughter. The main income of her family was the salaries of her husband and her from Kinwong, without any other economic income. In 2009, her mother-in-law was suffered from colorectal cancer and borrowed a lot of money from relatives for medical treatment. In April 2010, Ms. Feng's two-year old daughter was found with congenital heart disease (the tetralogy of Fallot). After consulting the doctor, her daughter's disease needed a surgical treatment, but the surgical cost needed RMB 70,000 - 80,000. After confirmation, the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty gave Ms. Feng the relief money of RMB 10,000.

Above-mentioned employees were only part of the employees aided by the Company. For a long time, Kinwong people have fine traditional virtues of helping the poor, advocating morality and righteousness, making selfless dedication as well as helping and caring each other. "Repaying the society" is also a social responsibility that the Company must undertake. Participating in public welfare undertakings, making financial donations for education, building bridges and repairing roads, helping people in difficulty and other charitable activities are the practical actions of repaying the society, which is the idea upheld by Kinwong. Up to now, Kinwong people have donated nearly RMB 10 million for charity, such as the donations for the May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake and the construction of the socialist new countryside.

For individuals, friends, colleagues or even the family members of Kinwong people whom we have never met, when their families or they are suffered from misfortunes,  Kinwong people never look on indifferently without taking any action. We often give a helping hand, join hands with them to overcome difficulties, and use love to warm people in dire need. The money donated by the employees to the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty is only pennies. However, these pennies aggregate together to become a great force and accomplish great things of warming people's hearts. As of June this year, Kinwong Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty gave employees the relief money of over RMB ** 0,000, and helped ** employees in difficulty.

Through the Center for Aiding Employees in Difficulty, the Company implements the business philosophy of "people foremost" and "repaying the society" and truly seeks happiness for the employees. We always believe that love is invaluable and true love never dies. In a word, the employees of the Company make vigorous efforts to implement the idea of "people foremost", to build a harmonious enterprise, enhance their own development and make achievements. On the road to the future, the Company will as ever spare no effort to fulfill social responsibility, to care and love employees, and to strive for the harmony and stability of the employees, enterprise and society.