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Employee health security

The Company promises to comply with state laws and regulations concerning labor, health, safety, environment, professional ethics and social responsibility, the internationally recognized standards as well as other applicable industrial standards and international conventions, and to continually improve the working conditions and benefits for employees.

Main contents and statements of EICC and SCR

The policy of EICC is that: the Company and its management are aware of that complying with laws and regulations, attaching importance to health, safety and environmental protection, observing ethical standards and safeguarding the rights and interests of laborers are not only the basic conditions that a responsible company shall possess but also the expectations of the interested parties including consumers, clients, the public and the government.

For the purpose of repaying the society, the Company will do whatever it can to comply with laws and regulations, to attach importance to health, safety and environmental protection, to observe ethical standards, to safeguard the legal   rights and interests of employees, and to dedicate to improving the skill level and well-being of employees. At the same time, the Company will constantly expand its business scale, pay taxes in accordance with the law, and actively participate in social welfare activities. During the operating period, the Company will consciously abide by the laws and policies of the state and local authorities, resolutely resist the organizations with antisocial nature and their activities, and eliminate all kinds of acts of violating the laws and disciplines. By fulfilling the corporate social responsibility, the Company will make its due contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.

The Company shall appoint the senior manager to manage the social responsibility, establish, implement and maintain a good EICC management system, and extend this requirement to suppliers and subcontractors as appropriate. In order to achieve our goals, we carry out the following EICC policy based on our business philosophy, our beliefs, and our pledges:  safeguarding the rights and interests of laborers, protecting the health of employees, reducing environmental load, observing business ethics, and complying with regulatory requirements.

The Code of ethics and the Rights and Interests of Laborers

1. The Company shall prohibit any act that may damage the Company's economy or reputation, so as to effectively promote the Company's philosophy, beliefs and our pledges.
2. In order to enable an employee to do whatever he can for the Company's development and make his contributions to society, an employee shall not concurrently work in other jobs, and shall not engage in business activities or profit-making activities that have a negative impact on the performance or loyalty to the Company within or outside the Company.
3. The Company shall resolutely put an end to any behavior of offering or accepting bribes.
4. The Company shall establish an information disclosure system to regularly disclose its relevant performance information to the stakeholders.
5. The Company's internal data must be protected from unauthorized use or transfer, even if the employment relationship has been terminated. In addition, if such information has not officially been made public, it must be completely confidential, especially for the information on the Company's employees, customers and suppliers as well as the information on the interested parties which needs to be protected. The key protection contents include the Company's Organizational structure, equipment, operation, manufacturing, R & D process, internal accounting data and personal data. No one shall abuse the internal information. The Company's premises, facilities, equipment, patents and technology can only be used for the Company's production and operation. All employees must protect the Company's materials and intangible assets.
6. The rules of freedom and fair competition must be observed. Advertising shall meet the requirements of laws, regulations and industry standards, without fraud and exaggeration.
7. The Company shall encourage the supplier to report to the company all sorts of unfairness and commercial bribes during the transaction in various ways, such as making public the phones and E-mails of the leaders of the Company. Meanwhile, the Company shall also provide the hotline, complaint box and other communication channels to receive the employees’ suggestions on all kinds of problems during the operation of the Company, including the commercial code of conduct, professional ethics and other aspects. Any information regarding the whistleblowers shall be strictly confidential.
8. The Company shall keep confidential the personal information of all the people (including the suppliers, customers, consumers and employees) who have dealings with the Company. Such confidentiality shall meet the reasonable expectations of those persons. The Company shall comply with privacy and information security laws and regulatory requirements when personal information is collected, stored, processed, transmitted, and shared.
9. The Company shall ensure that the employees are able to raise any concerns without fear of retaliation.
10. Every manager shall be a model for others. He/she must comply with the above ethical requirements, and ensure that his/her employees are informed of the above ethical requirements and responsibilities arising therefrom.
11. The Company shall comply with national and local laws and regulatory requirements relating to laborers, and safeguard the rights and interests of the Company and laborers.
12. Forced or bonded labor or involuntary prison labor shall not be used. The employees shall be permitted to freely choose employment and exercise basic liberties.
13. Child labor is prohibited. The juvenile workers and female employees shall be protected in accordance with the laws and regulatory requirements.
14. There is to be no harsh and inhumane treatment including any sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of workers.
15. The employees shall have equal opportunities in employment, promotion and welfare benefits. Any form of discrimination shall be prohibited.
16. The Company shall promote labor-management cooperation, and respect the employees' freedom of association and their right to collective bargaining according to the law.
17. The Company shall, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, guarantee employees' right to rest and leave, adhere to the principle of employees' voluntary overtime, and reasonably arrange the production plan and the employees' schedule.
18. The wages of employees shall comply with or go beyond all applicable relevant laws and regulations on wages, such as those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits.  The Company shall immediately transfer the information on the payment of wages to employees through salary bills. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure shall not be permitted.

Health, safety and environmental protection

1. Combining with our business philosophy, beliefs and pledges, the Company shall comply with national and local laws and regulatory requirements relating to health and safety, provide employees with healthy and safe working conditions, living conditions and social welfare facilities, and ensure the health and safety of employees
2. The Company shall establish the idea of work safety, adhere to the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", and define the work safety responsibility at all levels and positions in the Company.
3. The Company shall define the risks of health and safety in all posts through the post hazard analysis and the application of ergonomics, formulate the rules and regulations and operating instructions for work safety as well as the emergency plan, and take measures for prevention of occupational diseases as well as corresponding machine protection and personal protection.
4. The Company shall establish the training system and plan for work safety, organize employees to receive the education and training on work safety so that they can master the work safety knowledge and skills required for their work, improve the safety quality of the employees, enhance the capability of accident prevention and emergency response, and make great efforts to eliminate menticide in the workplace.
5. The Company shall organize regular inspection on work safety, timely detect and eliminate accident threats, and reduce the safety risks in the production process and the potential safety impact on the community and society.
6. The Company shall comply with national and local environmental laws and regulatory requirements,  according to the reality of the Company, establish and improve the environmental management system, enhance environmental management capabilities, and reduce environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle  
7. The Company shall implement environmental impact assessment, adopt environmentally-friendly technologies and methods, promote cleaner production, and effectively respond to environmental risks.
8. The Company shall determine its significant environmental aspects by identifying and assessing environmental aspects, and take corresponding measures to achieve pollution control and prevention.
9. The Company shall identify the impact of its activities on the environment and the sources of pollution and wastes, take measures to reduce direct and indirect emissions of waste gas, wastewater and solid wastes, and  make due contributions to coping with climate changes as well as preventing and reducing environmental pollution.
10. The Company shall conduct environmental protection training on all its employees, and strengthen the capacity building of environmental protection.
11. The Company shall formulate the system for conservation, recycling and reuse of resources and energy, take measures specific to the resources and energy of large consumption, and achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption.
12. Targeted at the management and control of harmful substances in the products, the Company shall meet customers’ environmental requirements and relevant environmental regulations through the operation of ISO14000 system and the GP system of the Company.
13. The Company shall implement the environmental accident prevention and response program, develop the emergency plan, and require its employees, partners as well as the government, local communities and other interested parties to actively participate in it.