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Development History

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2018 Jiangxi Kinwong Intelligent Plant Phase II was put into production; and the construction of Kinwong Building was started
2017 The Company was successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 6; and the central laboratory of Kinwong won the national CNAS certification
2016 The Company was named as "2015 Annual Environmental Protection Credit Enterprise" (green-brand)
2015 Oracle EPR information system was successfully connected online
2014 The Company launched the BPR/ERP project; the Company was rated as a "Municipal Enterprise Technology Center in Shenzhen"; and Jiangxi base was formally put into operation, and it was a production base with the Company's largest investment, most advanced planning and strongest equipment capacity
2013 The Company was awarded the "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province"; the Company completed the shareholding system reform and was changed into a company limited by shares; and Longchuan FPC Division was put into operation
2012 The construction of Jiangxi base was officially launched; Guangdong Metal-Based Printed Circuit Board Engineering Technology Research and Development Center was set up; and Longchuan Kinwong was rated as a national high-tech enterprise
2011 The Company was rated as an "Outstanding Independent Brand in Guangdong Province" and "Excellent National Brand"
2010 The Company officially released the Corporate Culture System; and Longchuan MPCB Division was completed and put into operation.
2009 The Company's monthly output exceeded 100,000 square meters in March; and the Company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise 
2009 The Company's monthly output exceeded 100,000 square meters in March; and the Company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise 
2008 The Company applied for the invention patent of production technology of laser cutting on rigid-flex PCBs; Longchuan PCB Division was put into operation
2007 The Company proposed "Three-Three-One Project", namely, in three years, realizing an annual output value of RMB 1 billion and a monthly output of 100,000 square meters, and becoming a competitive enterprise; and the Company applied for the invention patent of equal-memory surface ion processing technology of rigid-flex PCBs
2006 The production and office building of FPC Division was officially put into use; the construction of Longchuan production base was formally started
2005 The Company passed ISO/TS16949 certification of the international certification authority BSI
2004 FPC Division was set up, and the flexible circuit boards began R&D and producing; President Liu put forward the view of "Employees are the First Resources of the Company!",so as to fully implement the people-oriented management concept 
2003 The Company only took three days in July to relocate itself from Nanshan District to Tiegang Village in Bao'an District, which created the second Shenzhen speed in the history of Kinwong; in December, the Company's monthly output exceeded 26,000 square meters
2002 President Liu wrote an article titled "Honesty is the Best Policy for Win-win Development", which defined the new meaning of "honesty" and "win-win"; in July, the Company's monthly output exceeded 15,000 square meter for the first time
2001 The Company held the Shiyan Lake Conference to define its future development, clearly positioning the market and product direction, and listing multi-layer board, power supply board and other products as its strategic products
1999 The Company held a forum on the "Enterprise Development Planning" , proposing the development plan with a monthly output of 10,000 square meters and an annual output value of over RMB 100 million; and the trademark "Kinwong" was officially registered
1998 The Company formally formulated the talent development strategy of "self-cultivation and self-growth", and took the recruitment of new college students as one of the channels of talent introduction every year
1997 The internal newspaper Kinwong People was officially published for trial, which played a positive role in publicizing the company's culture and ideas
1996 The Company increased capital for expanding production for the first time, set up a hole-drilling workshop, and formed the production capacity of 5,000 square meters per month
1995 The Company formally established the business philosophy of "putting people first, manufacturing high-quality products, expanding the enterprise, and repaying the society"; and introduced the piecework wage system, which was an important step in the reform of the Company's wage system!
1994 The Company first put forward the concept of people-oriented management with win-win development: The interests of the Company are just those of the employees
1993 The Company was incorporated in Nanshan District, Shenzhenn