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Corporate Culture

Viewpoints of Kinwong

  • 【Thematic idea】

    Dedication And High-Quality Product

  • 【Mission】

    Circuit Connects the World, Internet of Everything

  • 【Vision】

    To be the most reliable printed circuit board manufacturer in the world 

  • 【Core value】

    Customer Oriented、Caring Value Creators、Self- Reflection、Integrity、Responsibility、Cooperation、Innovation

  • 【Business Philosophy】

    People foremost, manufacturing competitive products, expanding the enterprise, and repaying the society


Kinwong Spirit

  • 【Management View of the Company】

    Act in accordance with the law, and move people with love

  • 【Talent View of the Company】

    Appropriate talents are excellent talents

  • 【Quality View of the Company】

    Providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services

  • 【Market View of the Company】

    Without customers, there is nothing

  • 【Innovation View of the Company】

    Innovation is inestimable and borderless, it is the driving force for the perpetual development of the Company