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Pursuit of Kinwong

Corporate image and etiquette

Kinwong people have high aspirations and they are a new generation with "four qualifications", namely, having ideals, qualities, abilities and courage.

  • 『Image』 Credibility, dedication, integrity, teamwork and execution
  • 『Etiquette』 Fresh, dignified, civilized and polite

Staff Code of Conduct

  • Loyal to the enterprise, courageous pursuit, and jointly building the home of Kinwong
  • Care for the society, be willing to make contributions, and share the responsibilities of Kinwong
  • Self-disciplining, quick execution, and observing the rules and regulations of Kinwong
  • Be diligent and dedicated, dare to be innovative, and jointly make great accomplishments of Kinwong
  • ?Honest and trustworthy, good at cooperation, and jointly creating Kinwong brand