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Quality assurance

1. Customer’s requirements for identification and conversion

APQP audit team of each business division completes the product pre-planning, and evaluates the results in accordance with manufacturability to convert all the customer’s requirements into the operational requirements and measures within each division. It will carry out training among the implementation divisions, and follow up and implement the customer’s requirements.

2. Supplier management

The SQE division of Group is responsible for the systematic management of suppliers, providing a smooth information exchange mechanism, creating and designing an effective incentive mechanism, continuously following up and promoting the suppliers’ quality improvement activities so that all supply chain stages have the common sense of responsibility and mission and share the results from rapid development, in order to achieve a win-win situation.

3. Process quality control

Establish a systematic quality management system, in accordance with the standard operation instruction as the guiding principle, establish a sound training mechanism, implement the standard operation and equipment maintenance on a regular basis, strictly control the alteration management, strengthen the product and equipment abnormality management, follow up and implement the traceability management, comb and focus on monitoring the key process control projects to ensure the product quality requirements.

4. Shipment quality control

Strictly guarantee the shipment quality, utilize the advanced detection equipment and skilled workers to carry out the shipment quality inspection and control in strict accordance with the international IPC standards and customer standards. The sales team and customer service team shall in time follow up the product quality performance after the shipment, and take a quick and effective action for the customer’s quality abnormality feedback.

5. Customer service

Insist on the idea of “customer-oriented” to maintain a relatively fixed customer service team, establish the standardized customer service content and the customer complaint handling process, to strengthen customer service from the management mechanism, enhance the service concept from the corporate culture, improve customer satisfaction from the system guarantee, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing Kinwong’s popularity, reputation and loyalty of customers.

6. Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement work shall be applied and improved as a part of systematical construction, in order to create and build the continuously improved corporate culture. The project team has been set up in each business division through the introduction, digestion and absorption of “Lean Six Sigma” and “QCC”, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, so as to combine the people with working methods for continuously improving and upgrading the process and quality through scientifically and rationally using “plan – implementation - inspection – action”.