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ISOTS16949 Management System



Start from me to manufacture quality products and provide customers with the most satisfying products and services. Build and improve the quality control and prevention system which shall meet IATF 16949, ISO9001, UL and other quality management standards by international certification. Ensure product stability.

Train all workers and staff in a whole course for putting prevention first.

Kinwong’s staff has been pursuing “zero defect”.

Product reliability has always been the top priority of quality focus and control based on that the introduction of all kinds of advanced testing equipment for MSA analysis provides the effective tools of monitoring the product reliability and that a series of standard measures in the process provides a guarantee for prevention and control of the product reliability. The follow-up of special cases of quality improvement, the implementation of QCC quality control circle and the extensive application of a variety of quality control tools and methods, systematically and continuously improve the product quality.