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Warm congratulations to Kinwong on passing the "certification of intellectual pr

DATE : 2018-11-05 10:24:59  Since August 2017, Kinwong's three major bases in Bao'an District in Shenzhen, Longchuan County in Heyuan, and Jishui County in Jiangxi successively launched the work of implementing the Enterprise Intellectual Property Management (GB/T 29490-2013). After institutional building, all employees' participation, steady progress and gradual implementation, Kinwong's base in Shenzhen first passed the system audit certification at the beginning of 2018, and Kinwong's bases in Longchuan and Jiangxi recently passed the certification. So far, Kinwong's three major bases have passed the certification of the intellectual property management system, which fully demonstrates that the Company attaches great importance to the intellectual property work and the overall upgrading of intellectual property management level, marking that Kinwong's intellectual property management has entered a new stage. 

 Enterprise intellectual property management system is a system engineering which promotes intellectual property to the strategic level of enterprise management, takes the ideas, organizations and institutions of enterprise intellectual property management as a whole, and strives to achieve the mission of enterprise intellectual property. The intellectual property management system aims to help the enterprise to establish a scientific, standardized intellectual property management system, which is incorporated into every aspect of production and operation, so as to achieve the creation, management, application and protection of enterprise intellectual property, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and promote sustainable development of the enterprise.

With "continual innovation, lean management, effective use, and legal protection", Kinwong will continue to standardize intellectual property management, protect the development of the enterprise, and create value.